Health Innovations Alliance (HIA)

The Health Innovation Alliance (HIA) is a partnership which offers streamlined healthcare innovation services aimed at improving quality of care and ultimately reduced costs.  The HIA will fast track successful innovations across the NHS and international markets.

The HIA was formed by leading innovation organisations who have agreed to share their expertise and resources.  This combined expertise will speed up the development of ideas to improve patient care and ensure efficient and cost-effective healthcare delivery.

The members of the HIA actively engage with NHS organisations to help them develop a more structured approach to innovation so that when a new idea or process presents itself, there is a faster and more supportive response. The result of this cultural shift will be a more ‘agile’, innovation-friendly NHS, better access for industry and better outcomes for patients. 

The HIA Team have the experience and networks to deliver national innovation projects and provide first class expertise to organisations on healthcare innovation.  Individual HIA members have an impressive track record and so far have examined thousands of good ideas emerging from NHS staff, they have set up over 300 deals to licence NHS innovations and helped create 10 new healthcare businesses.  Examples include several new technologies for diagnosing and treating cancers, improved diagnosis by GP’s of conditions leading to stroke and a new social enterprise partnership set to transform lives by ensuring high quality products for disability. 

Working closely with universities, healthcare professionals and companies, the HIA will offer high quality advice to NHS staff to explore healthcare innovations with rapid evaluation of ideas, reducing the level of time and investment wasted on duplicate projects or those which will not meet the required objectives.

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