Cuvama launches the first native Customer Value Management platform – the next evolution of CRM  


  • Start-up tech business cuvama launches first native Customer Value Management (CVM) SaaS platform
  • CVM platforms drives revenue growth and predictability for B2B software businesses
  • UK-based cuvama backed by Innovate UK grant
  • Founding team has 75+ years combined experience in B2B software commercial roles and management consultancy across Europe and US
  • cuvama publishes whitepaper ‘CRM needs to evolve: CVM is the new CRM’

Innovate UK-backed SaaS tech business, cuvama, has launched the first native Customer Value Management (CVM) platform to address the growing problem of a lack of infrastructure for value management for B2B software subscription pricing businesses. The platform, developed off the back of market demand and customer feedback, enables software companies and their customers to connect on value. 

First customers have said the platform allows them to increase conversion rate and deal size, by enabling a guided and collaborative discovery of the customer challenges and the KPIs impacted by solving those challenges, before quoting a price. As discussed in the whitepaper ‘CRM Needs to Evolve: CVM is the New CRM’, released today and free to download, CVM allows B2B software teams to connect on value internally, and externally with the end-customer.

The need for CVM technology is increasingly urgent as B2B software companies are failing to adapt to the changing demands of the customer, lacking the in-house expertise, value-based tooling and infrastructure to support the transformation. According to a survey performed by Dimensional Research, although 90% of B2B software executives state that value management is a top 5 priority, 92% of these leaders report a multitude of challenges in the deployment value management processes.   While top sales and customer success veterans excel at connecting with the customer on value, their less experienced counterparts struggle to decipher customer needs and struggle to have an ongoing relationship centred on expected business outcomes. 

Ben Morgan, Group Pricing Director at Zellis commented on the recent implementation; “At Zellis, communicating personalised value, before price, to our customers has consistently been a commercial leadership priority. But before cuvama, this was a heavy custom effort, requiring input from our business value advisors, pricing and finance. cuvama has codified our collective knowhow in an easy-to-use web-based platform; and our sales team loves using it!”

Colleague Kevin Male, Head of Business Value Advisory at Zellis, shared his thoughts from an external perspective; “cuvama is a truly collaborative platform, allowing Zellis customers & prospects to meaningfully engage in building the value narrative. As a pre-sales leader and value-selling evangelist for over 25 years – I see cuvama as a breakthrough solution in scaling value selling efforts.”
“We are excited to be coming off the blocks, having already secured and rolled out our first deployment in the UK and Ireland, with Zellis, a market leader for payroll and HR solutions.” stated MG Gurbaxani, CEO, cuvama. “The inception of cuvama was due to an initial reaction to fix our client's pain points. As the subscription economy is the new normal, CVM is the new imperative.” 

The founding team at cuvama hail from the crème de la crème of universities, from both sides of the pond, Ivy League to INSEAD to Oxford; all have at least 17 years of deep domain and technology scale up experience. The team is geared up and ready to roll out their proposition to the B2B software mid-market segment on a global basis. Gurbaxani added, “Salesforce made sales operations easy with CRM, Amazon AWS made deploying cloud infrastructure easy with IaaS, and now cuvama will make executing a customer value management strategy easy for B2B software companies.”  


Innovation and Growth Specialist, Simon Monaghan comments: "

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Download the cuvama Whitepaper ‘CRM needs to evolve: CVM is the new CRM’ here.

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