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A North East IT consultancy have committed hours of their time supporting the importance of bridging the gap between education and industry, as well as ensuring a consistent pipeline of future skilled employees.


For two years Gavurin, have been members of the North East STEM Ambassador Hub, part of the North East Ambition programme.


Gavurin specialises in the development of integrated software solutions with a focus on delivering business intelligence. By utilising data more effectively the company supports effective decision making, helping clients achieve amazing things by making their data work harder.


North East Ambition has helped Gavurin achieve their Corporate, Social, Responsibility strategy, by supporting their activity to help ‘give back’ to the community. By providing assistance to further develop a school based delivery tool which was originally designed as an engaging activity for the Bring it On event. The tool developed was a game entitled Music4STEM, which featured data management and activity planning in a fun format whilst relaying the key principles of Gavurin’s industry. The company worked with North East Ambition to investigate how this game linked to curriculum needs, and supported pilot testing it with several local schools with possible future whole region roll out.


Founded in 2007 the company is heavily involved in contributing to the economic growth of the North East IT sector as well as recognising the importance of promoting STEM subjects to the next generation. The company is well known in the region for its impressive approach to business and its understanding of its purpose and influence on the surrounding community.


As Managing Director, Jonathan Graham, has undertaken several STEM Ambassador commitments supporting mentoring programmes in regional schools and specifically the University Technical college in Newcastle. This involvement has helped to create links to access a skills pipeline and a potential future workforce for the business.


To help raise awareness of the brand amongst the future workforce, and to inspire the next generation, Gavurin also took part in the highly successful Bring It On North East event in 2019. The company helped to engage over 2,500 primary and secondary North East students, introducing them to the many and varied careers that the IT sector provides. The event also provided the opportunity to network with a variety of other North East based businesses who attended the event. Whilst also offering a great opportunity to engage the current workforce by supporting staff development, training, and retention through involving staff in the running of the event. This helped the employees at Gavurin to see the value in what they do and to pass that message onto the young people attending the event which in turn helped to increase staff morale and job satisfaction.


Janine Marshall, North East Ambition Programme Manager at RTC North commented:

“It’s been brilliant working alongside Gavurin who fully recognise the importance of bringing education and industry together ensuring young people are able to make fully informed decisions about their future careers. In doing so Gavurin understand that they are aligning this with their own company and sector needs, creating great brand awareness in the region, and are ultimately ensuring a robust and skilled future workforce”.


Jonathan Graham from Gavurin said:

“The effort we put into creating Music4STEM was incredibly rewarding. For SME’s, having a limited amount of time to support worthwhile causes can lead to some tough decisions. Understand some of the spin-off benefits, such as teamwork, morale boost and flexing our creativity, can make the decision-making process easier.”


North East Ambition is led by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and is funded by the European Social Fund. Delivery partners include The Edge Foundation, the EY Foundation, RTC North and STEM learning Ltd. North East Ambition works with every  secondary school, college and special education school in the North East to support them to achieve the Good Career Guidance Benchmarks by 2024. By doing this, every young person should be able to identify routes to a successful working life, make more informed decisions about their future and be better prepared for the workplace. Ensuring young people have the skills required for the future North East workforce is fundamental to our economic growth, underpinning our aim of driving an uplift of 100,000 more and better jobs by 2024.


To find out more about Gavurin and the work that they do, please click here.

For more information about North East Ambition and how it can help your company, contact or the STEM team at 01915164400


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