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Specialist Market Research

We provide bespoke and individual reports for you regarding market data, size of market opportunity, competitor analysis, pricing structures, product benchmarking and comparison.  Reports are all designed to support your journey to commercialise your innovation and ensure that you are fully aware of opportunities as well as any potential pitfalls.

NHS Innovations North can support you with information to exploit your innovative ideas.  We provide you with the critical details to support decision-making regarding your innovation as well as your onward marketing strategy as your bright idea develops into reality. From a quick enquiry to in-depth research services, you can access high quality intelligence that is normally only available through specialist fee-based sources.

Information we can deliver:

Market Information

  • Assessing market size, trends and data
  • Identifying and monitoring competitors
  • Identifying potential distributors or agents
  • Identifying potential manufacturers
  • Market reports
  • Economic and industry trends worldwide

Technical Information

  • Identifying technical expertise
  • Patent analysis
  • Monitoring new technology developments
  • Assessing competitive technologies
  • Identifying and assessing forthcoming legislation
  • Industry sector information
  • Statistical analysis
  • Alerting and monitoring across a wide variety of sources
  • Industry standards

Company Information

  • Company overviews
  • Financial reports
  • Credit rating
  • Mergers, acquisitions and liquidations
  • Director information
  • Share information
  • Sector analysis
  • Imports and exports 

For further information, please contact us