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Assessment of your Bright Idea

NHS Innovations North ensures that new ideas are effectively captured and assessed to maximise the chances of successful commercialisation of new products and services, as well as reducing the loss of valuable ideas, with the ultimate aim of improving patient care.  The assessment of ideas at this stage of the process ensures that important information is provided so that inventors and Trusts are better equipped to decide how to progress an idea. 

Key Features:

  • An assessment of the idea in terms of its originality and commercialisation potential;
  • An assessment of the idea in terms of clinical need and cost benefits; and 
  • Peer review of the idea, providing constructive critique.


  • Provision of a clear, complete and impartial view concerning the value and validity of ideas, enabling innovators to decide upon which areas to focus;
  • Prevention of the loss of ideas from the originating organisation; and
  • Ensuring that those ideas which are focussed upon are able to address real and significant health problems, with valuable time and funds being directed towards those ideas that have the best potential impact upon patient care and the highest potential for return on investment.

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