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If you are an SME based in the North East of England, we can deliver unique support to your business in connection with integrating new innovative healthcare products, devices and services into the NHS marketplace.  

Regardless of what stage a business may be at with their innovation, NHS Innovations North can provide free* support including:  
•  Healthcare market information;
•  Intellectual property rights;
•  Specialist market research;
•  Commercialisation and legal assistance; and
•  Signposting to funding and investment sources

If you wish to discuss in further details, how we can help you, please contact a member of the team on 0191 5164400 or email 

Healthcare Market Information
Innovators can tap into a valuable source of market information from a wide range of current and secure industry and healthcare specific data platforms. The data can be specialised, bespoke and analysed to help inform commercial decisions.

Intellectual Property Rights and Protecting your Bright Idea
NHS Innovations North will advise on the necessary steps for the protection of new ideas.  For existing intellectual property, effective portfolio management is provided, ensuring the ongoing maintenance of protection.

Specialist Market Research
We provide bespoke and individual reports for you regarding market data, size of market opportunity, competitor analysis, pricing structures, product benchmarking and comparison.  Reports are all designed to support your journey to commercialise your innovation and ensure that you are fully aware of opportunities as well as any potential pitfalls.

NHS Innovations North can support you with information to exploit your innovative ideas.  We provide you with the critical details to support decision-making regarding your innovation as well as your onward marketing strategy as your bright idea develops into reality. From a quick enquiry to in-depth research services, you can access high quality intelligence that is normally only available through specialist fee-based sources.

Commercialisation and Legal Assistance
We provide commercial advice for your innovation, to help you make the most of the opportunities for your idea.  Our professional and experienced team are well-versed in helping SMEs to develop commercial strategies, also providing legal assistance and advice.

Signposting to Funding and Investment Sources
Assistance is provided to SMEs to help with signposting to financial support to enable the further development and commercialisation of a new idea, as well as providing support in connection with the establishment of a company, where appropriate.

* In most cases, if you are an SME based within North East England, the first two days of assistance will be “Free of Charge” under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Business Support Programme. 

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